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MtM Solutions Ltd. has been providing quality Real Estate Services since our founding in 1985. It is our mission to address the ever changing needs of the real estate industry. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to Provide the industry with expert advise and services in the areas most needed. To this end please review our BOSS Program overview below. .  

The BOSS Program
Bank Owned Service Specialists


The following is a brief summary of services offered to our bank clients.  To our knowledge no one is offering this comprehensive variety of services to assist banks to alleviate the problem of real estate owned (REO) properties.

Part I of this summary sets forth the comprehensive “Banks One Stop Shop” program that Boss offers its bank clients.

Unfortunately, due to economic conditions banks have acquired a large inventory of properties.  The reader knows all too well the economic cost of the foreclosure process, such as a need to repair or rehabilitate the property, selecting a reliable competent Broker to help determine a realistic price for the property and aggressively market it, the payment of holding costs such as of real estate taxes and routine maintenance during the selling period, the delay encountered because of the lack of a clear system for contract negotiation and the closing process. The following summary outlines the services offered by Banks One Stop Shopping, Inc., hereinafter referred to as “Boss” to market Real Estate Owned by Banks

Part II of this summary addresses the public relations disaster banks have experienced because of the foreclosure process.  Boss offers a truly innovative plan to reverse public opinion night mare and reduce the economic costs and the multitude of attendant problems that ownership of properties has thrust on banks.  Briefly, early intervention with non-performing notes is essential to curb both the economic and public relations problems.  Boss consulting service to Banks as outlined in Part II could mitigate or eliminate losses and result in a public relations coup.

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